Audit Best Practices

Using the NCUA Examiner's Guide for an Internal Control Audit

NCUA rules and regulations require a demonstrable level of risk management from credit unions. If you’re looking to prepare for your next examination, your best bet is to look at the NCUA examiner’s guide. In it you will find the resources that your...

Tracking Data Through your Internal Audit Process

It doesn’t matter if you’re the biggest credit union in the world, or if you’re small but mighty: you’ll have to do an internal audit. During your internal audit process, one of your biggest keys to success is tracking your data.

How to Mitigate Credit Union Risks During Your Internal Audit

Assessment of risk and finding ways to mitigate it are critical components to a successful internal audit. Here are a few strategies for your credit union to consider the next time examiners come a-knocking.

Are You Ready for Your Internal Audit?

Oh no! You’ve just received notice of an upcoming internal audit. Are you ready for it?

Getting your Credit Union Organized for an Audit or Exam

Preparing your credit union for an audit or exam, whether internal or external, is a time-consuming process. If your credit union is preparing for an audit, what will you need in order to ensure a smooth process?

Managing Credit Union Risk Management

One of the benefits of using Redboard is mitigated risk during internal and external audits. We’ll explore some of the ways that Redboard reduces risk for your credit union, and then we’ll discuss whether that risk reduction is right for you.

Tips for Credit Union CEOs Preparing for a Regulatory Examination

I recently found a helpful resource for CEOs whose credit unions are preparing for a regulatory examination.

One Simple Way Credit Union CEOs Can Decrease Regulatory Exam Response Risk

Federal regulations have imposed a staggering burden on credit unions over the past seven years.According to a study commissioned by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), credit unions’ regulatory costs have increased by $1.7 billion...

5 Strategies to Avoid Risk During Your Credit Union's Next Regulatory Examination

Do you know of anyone who looks forward to credit union exams? Do they have NCUA rules and regulations tattooed on their arms? Do they read article after article exploring various credit union compliance resources?