Using the NCUA Examiner's Guide as a Resource to Help Your Credit Union
Halloween just came and went. This year, several dozen pop-culture references, cartoon characters, and rotting undead paid visit to my door. They said, “trick or treat,” and in return, I gave them candy. Examiners aren’t quite as charming when they knock on my credit union door, though. Nevertheless, I like to stay well-prepared: instead of buying bags of candy, I consult the NCUA examiner’s guide.

Using the NCUA Examiner's Guide for an Internal Control Audit
NCUA rules and regulations require a demonstrable level of risk management from credit unions. If you’re looking to prepare for your next examination, your best bet is to look at the NCUA examiner’s guide. In it you will find the resources that your NCUA examiners will reference for your next internal control audit.

Tracking Data Through your Internal Audit Process
It doesn’t matter if you’re the biggest credit union in the world, or if you’re small but mighty: you’ll have to do an internal audit. During your internal audit process, one of your biggest keys to success is tracking your data.

How to Mitigate Credit Union Risks During Your Internal Audit
Assessment of risk and finding ways to mitigate it are critical components to a successful internal audit. Here are a few strategies for your credit union to consider the next time examiners come a-knocking.

Are You Ready for Your Internal Audit?
Oh no! You’ve just received notice of an upcoming internal audit. Are you ready for it?

Does your audit process meet NCUA regulations?
Here’s a hypothetical: your credit union has just been audited. You mobilized your team, they collected documents and provided answers to any pertinent questions, and you compiled and submitted all the information. How well do you sleep that night?

Why Use a Tool for Your Audit Process?
One thing is for certain: when it’s time for an audit, you need tools at your disposal. What kind of tool you need for that process depends on how much legwork and risk you’d like to take on.

My Career Path to Redboard
Not many professionals enjoy a straight path to wherever they end up. Like most people, I took the scenic route to creating Redboard. I hope that by sharing a little about myself, you can see what kind of values lie at Redboard’s core.
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How do Credit Unions get Great Audit Results?
If you’re spending money on new auditing tools, you’ll want to know that the money you spend is actually doing something for your credit union. To better discern what Redboard’s impact is, we have a few evaluative questions to help you gauge Redboard’s efficacy.

Getting your Credit Union Organized for an Audit or Exam
Preparing your credit union for an audit or exam, whether internal or external, is a time-consuming process. If your credit union is preparing for an audit, what will you need in order to ensure a smooth process?